A Republican

Core Principles

  • Freedom to achieve
  • Fair and equal treatment of all citizens
  • Efficient government with fiscal responsibility
  • Compassion for those less fortunate
  • Strong, secure and safe America
  • Clean environment

As a Republican I believe America should promote equal opportunity for all. We should have the freedom to dream and thrive. This freedom to achieve greatness makes America unique and the envy of the world. I believe in a level playing field and reject unfair advantages given to the big and powerful, or the political or social elite. Citizens should not be over taxed by an inflated government as this only kills incentive.

Some in our society may not be able to compete or fend for themselves. For those less advantaged let’s help by a hand up rather than a hand out. Let’s teach people to fish rather than just giving a fish. There is no dignity only dependency with a system built on handouts. However, for those few who are truly unable to achieve because of physical or mental incapacity it is our responsibility to give aid.

A critical function of government is to protect its people from both internal and external threats. I believe in a strong and fair criminal justice system that enforces laws equally without bias of race, religion, social or political status. Much of our local crime comes out of a lack of education and family and cultural values. The true solution to crime is not the handcuffs and nightstick, nor the handouts, but early education and compassionate training of our children. Providing education, job training, and employment opportunities is definitely not the easy way out, it is the only way out.

America is a great country, and can and should lead the world to peace. We must, however, be careful and pick our battles carefully. Remember what retired U.S. Army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell told President G. W. Bush about invading Iraq, “If you break it you own it.” Keep America safe and secure through international understanding, strength and justice.

Without doubt, we have some differences, but let’s not let that divide us. We can respectively learn from each other and stand united through our common values. When Democrats, Independents and Republicans work together there is nothing we can’t do. A united America is a strong America.