Inner City Rejuvenation

Our leaders have done little for the deplorable conditions in our inner cities where fear, violence and poverty runs rampant. The Band-Aid approach of food stamps, handouts, and a strong police presence has not helped, instead making things worse. Instead, let’s focus on creating real change through education, vocational training, and counseling. By working with the community, we can give an alternative to poverty and violence. We should develop early childhood educational programs and school-work programs in conjunction with community leaders. For example, the Home Boys Industries, founded by Father Greg, is an excellent model of how to improve the inner city gang problem by providing vocational education, counseling, and spiritual support. Security for the citizens is also important. We must take the guns away from the bad guys by strict enforcement of gun laws and increase the penalty for illegal gun ownership. We can and must improve our inner cities, but it requires a new approach which promotes pride and dignity rather than dependency.