Keeping America Safe

There is the ever-growing threat of global terror from Islamic extremists. The Middle East is being torn apart by ISIS and lack of leadership. We should actively address the threat through international cooperation. The time is right for international unity as the Middle Eastern crisis has significantly impacted most European countries and Russia. With international cooperation, we can address the core problem by defeating ISIS and ending the civil war, without putting US troops on the ground.

In the future, the United States should refrain from toppling Middle Eastern governments. Secretary Clinton and President Obama brought down Gaddafi in Libya, resulting in the chaos and the Benghazi attacks. The takeover of Iraq by President G.W. Bush and withdrawal by President Obama has arguably left Iraq worse off with more violence and poverty. Remember what Secretary of State Colin Powell said about going into Iraq, “you break it you own it.”

Regarding Iraqi and Syrian refugees our priority should be to keep America safe. At this time, we must be vigilant in screening and vetting Syrians and Iraqis coming to America. Unfortunately, our incumbent Ted Lieu voted against the SAFE Act that requires increased background checks of Syrian and Iraqi coming to the U.S. Opting to bring over 200,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to America, Ted Lieu’s Letter to Pres. Obama to accept 200,000 refugees, is dangerous as it is impossible to obtain adequate background checks. By setting up safe camps in Syria and working with the international community to solve the crisis, we can help these refugees return to their homeland, an option that they would rather see.