No More Band-Aids

What do you do when someone has an infection? Do you just put a Band-Aid on it and hope it gets better? No, you go to the root of the problem is, and you fix it. Unfortunately, our current leaders like the ‘Band-Aid’ approach to hide our country’s problems.


During the 2008 economic crisis, instead of addressing issues such as the enormous trade deficit with China or the loss of US manufacturing, our ‘plan’ was to print $85 billion a month in bond buyback through the Federal Reserve. As a result, the banks and the super-rich became wealthier, and the middle class left behind. We now have 45 million Americans on food stamps and a national debt over 19 trillion dollars. We need to address the cause of our economic problem directly by promoting US manufacturing, stimulating real job creation by decreasing taxes, reduce wasteful government spending, and stop the exportation of American jobs.

Inner City Rejuvenation Projects

Our leaders have done little for the deplorable conditions in our inner cities. The Band-Aid approach has been food stamps, handouts, and a strong police presence. Evidently, not much has changed. Instead, let’s try to focus on cultivating change through education, vocational training, and counseling. Offering a helping hand is critical to moving from a vicious cycle of violence and poverty to a pattern of dignity, trust, and real growth.

Improving Veteran’s Care

Alongside the crisis of the inner cities, we need to take a hard look at how we have treated Veterans in this country. The current state of Veteran’s hospitals and clinics are a terrible way to thank the heroes and heroines who have risked their lives to defend American freedom overseas. Many are inefficient, underfunded, and grossly underserve those who valiantly served us. It is our duty and responsibility to take care of our homeless veterans who may be suffering from psychological and physical injuries from their service.

Rethink National Healthcare

One of the most divisive issues our country has faced within the last decade was the creation and implementation of Obama Care. While a step in the right direction, there has been several fatal mistakes made in its execution. Deductibles and premiums have risen to astronomical costs, citizens are told what plan they qualify for, and there are penalties for not signing up in a narrow window of time. Instead of allowing Americans the freedom to choose, our leaders have created a poorly functioning monopoly and expected us to comply. We need to take a hard look at Obama Care and decide as a nation whether to reform or repeal the Act.

Violence Overseas

Finally, there is the ever-growing issue of global terror from Islamic extremists. While the Middle East is torn apart by ISIS, our course of action is to bring over 200,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to America. We can better help the Syrian people, who want to stay in their country, by setting up safe areas in Syria. Then with international cooperation, address the real problem by taking out ISIS and ending the civil war.

Time for the Cure

Treating an infection at the source is critical. Recently, though, our representatives have forgotten this simple fact, looking to treat the symptoms instead. I, on the other hand, am not afraid to take off the Band-Aid and find the cure. I am running for US Congress to change our direction and start solving our problems rather than covering them up.