Rethink National Healthcare

One of the most important issues facing our country is how to provide quality healthcare. Unfortunately Obamacare has not worked. The Affordable Care Act creates a governmental health insurance monopoly forcing patients into a limited number of standardized government-approved plans. Because of the monopoly there is lack of competition between insurance companies so premiums go up, deductibles go up and freedom to choose your own doctor goes down. When “healthcare plans” dictate what care is given and which doctors you can go to, the quality of care becomes compromised.

Obamacare has also, resulted in increased red tape, increased regulations and reduced reimbursements to physicians for physicals. An example of unnecessary paperwork is the ICD 10 diagnosis codes, which makes it difficult to see patients with absolutely no benefit to patient care. On the passage of ICD 10 diagnosis codes there was only one private practice physician on the committee and he voted against the regulation which, however, passed. Physician reimbursements are so low that many of our young doctors now have trouble paying off their student loans, and many of our good senior doctors are now retiring early. The monopoly of Obamacare has caused America to drift away from its previous status as having the best healthcare in the world. Interestingly, the Obama White House and the Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare – Not good enough for them but good enough us!

  • Repeal Obamacare and the mandate that all must have an Obama approved plan or get an IRS fine. Get the IRS out of health care.
  • Reduce overregulation and red tape by having practicing physicians on policy and regulatory committees
  • Allow patients the freedom to choose from a variety of plans including catastrophic plans to stimulate insurance plan competition. Give our patients the freedom of choice
  • Allow interstate insurance competition
  • Patient Tax Exempt Healthcare saving accounts
  • Medicaid and county hospitals to cover underprivileged – must pay small co-pay for dignity and to reduce overutilization

All citizens should have access to healthcare.