Syrian and Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Civil war and ISIS has created a refugee crisis in the Middle East. Masses of good people, Christians, Muslims and Jews are trying escape the violence to protect their families. Unfortunately, Islamic terror groups have embedded terrorists with the refugees in order to infiltrate Western countries. Many of the terrorists in the Belgium and French attacks came infiltrated with refugees. As compassionate Americans we want to and should help the refugees. That said, our first priority must be to keep America safe. We have to be vigilant in screening and vetting Syrians and Iraqis coming to America. Inexplicably, some of our leaders such as incumbent Ted Lieu do not care about the threat and voted against the SAFE Act that requires increased background checks of Syrian and Iraqi coming to the U.S. At the same time he signs a petition to bring at least 200,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to America this year. It is impossible to obtain adequate background checks on hundreds of thousands of refugees. This policy of taking hundreds of thousands of poorly documented refugees is not safe for America. In addition it is not good for the refugees as what they really want is to return home to Syria.

A better answer is to increase the number of refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon. The Syrian refugees desperately want to return to their homes in Syria. A recent documentary on the United Nations refugee camps in Lebanon revealed that virtually every Syrian interviewed stated how much they wanted to return home. The UN is terrific at running refugee camps and the camps in Lebanon were very clean and the people well-kept. Instead of bring them to the United States, America should provide leadership to dramatically increase the number of United Nation refugee safe camps in Lebanon and Syria. It is likely that the US would not even have to fund the new camps. The experiment of Europe taking masses of refugees has been a cultural disaster. Now Europe and England are paying Turkey billions of dollars to keep the refugees, so it is very likely they would be keen on giving financial support to refugee safe camps in Syria and Lebanon.

Refugee camps are a good temporary option but it does not solve the problem. To truly solve the refugee crisis we must go to the rout cause, and stop the Syrian civil war and defeat ISIS. The Syrian civil war can be stopped by joining with Russia to leave Assad in power. Deposing Assad would only result in more chaos and violence with no governmental control. We must learn from our mistakes and stop the toppling Middle Eastern governments. Let’s leave Assad and use international pressure to improve the country. Regarding ISIS, America must take a strong leadership role to help the people in the Middle East and defeat ISIS. We must lead an international effort to amass an overwhelming force. The civilized world should not tolerate ISIS barbarism.