U.S. Immigration

Immigrants from many faiths and cultures have merged to make America great. However, illegal immigration is now out of control and needs to be addressed. For many decades, illegal immigrants from South America and other countries have been coming to America, many of which are hard working and good people, doing crucial jobs. In fact, to some degree, we encouraged illegal immigration, forming an implied contract with them to stay. This in mind, it is neither practical nor ethical to insist now on a mass deportation of an estimated 11 million individuals. Yes, it is important to stop the flood of illegal immigrants from crossing the border, but our priority should be to secure the border and to reform the visa program. Securing the border will take a renewed and combined effort of better walls, more electronic surveillance, and increased law enforcement. From there, we address those already in the United States by charging a fine and allowing them a path to citizenship.

Sanctuary Cities are cities that do not enforce our national immigration laws. Even illegal immigrants convicted of crimes have been let go in a Sanctuary City and not deported. Recently Kate Steinle, a 32-year-old woman, was murdered by an undocumented migrant in San Francisco, a Sanctuary City. Before murdering her, he was released from jail and not deported. Sanctuary Cities violate Federal law and must be stopped. Our incumbent Congressman Ted Lieu supports Sanctuary Cities, voting against a congressional bill to stop their federal funding.