What’s the Difference? Wright vs Lieu

Protect America from radical and violent Islamic Terrorism

Dr. Wright – YES: Increased vetting of Syrians and Iraqis coming to America

  • Do not accept mass populations of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, instead set up safe areas in Syria and with international help take out ISIS and end the Syrian civil war

Rep Lieu – NO: Allow undocumented Syrian and Iraqi refugees come to America

  • Voted Ney on American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act that that expands background checks of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to US.
  • Sends letter to President Obama urging acceptance of at least 200,000 of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to US in 2016.

Stop Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

Dr. Wright – YES: Stop Iran from obtaining nuclear capability

Rep Lieu – NO: Voted Ney on Acts to stop or delay the Iranian nuclear deal

  • Ney on Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act – prohibits sanctions on Iran from being lifted until Iran pays court-ruled fines for judgments related to terrorism.
  • Ney on resolution that alleges that the President has not transmitted the Iran nuclear agreement to the appropriate Congressional committees.
  • Ney on bill that prohibits the president from reducing certain sanctions on Iran until January 21, 2017.

Improve Veteran’s Health Care

Dr. Wright – YES: Support improving efficiency of Veterans Health Care System

  • Makes federal employees accountable for negligent care

Rep Lieu – NO: Voted Ney on Veterans Accountability Act 2015

  • Remove or demote a department employee based on performance or misconduct

Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care)

Dr. Wright – Congress never read the over 33,000 pages of health care regulations. Obama care has resulted in higher premiums, higher deductibles and less patient care. It is a governmental insurance monopoly. Patients get less care for a much higher price and young doctors can’t pay their student loans and senior doctors are retiring early. The IRS should not be in the health care business. The only good aspect of Obama care is coverage of pre-existing conditions – that is important.

Rep Lieu – Supports Obama care and voted down the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015 good and fair bill to revise Obama care

Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Dr. Wright – For many decades, illegal immigrants from Latin America have been coming to America to work in our fields and do jobs frankly that Americans did not want. We allowed them to come and actually to some degree encouraged them to stay. We formed an implied contract. Now however it is time to stop the illegal flood. We must secure the boarder first and foremost with a wall in some areas and electronic surveillance in other areas. Illegal immigrants that have been in the United States long term should be able to pay a fine and get in line with other immigrants and earn citizenship. Sanctuary Cities violate the rule of law and harbor illegal immigrants and must be stopped.

Rep Lieu – Does not support securing the boarder and does not even mention importance of a secure boarder on his website https://lieu.house.gov/issues/immigration. He protects Sanctuary Cites as he voted Ney on the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act.

Priority for America

Dr. Wright – Keep America safe, economic opportunity for all, inner cities rejuvenation projects, protect the environment, and help for our Veterans, Bi-Partisan Cooperation

Rep Lieu – Climate Change

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