Support Dr. Wright


Dr. Wright needs your help in telling Congress that it is time to change! Fill out the form below to help out with the campaign.


Volunteers will have responsibilities such as:

  • Display Dr. Wright’s name: lawn signs, bumper stickers, lapel buttons are all excellent ways to lend visibility to the campaign.
  • Staff phone banks and assist in other administrative campaign tasks.
  • Accompany Dr. Wright on door-to-door walking campaigns and to other campaign events.
  • Make sure Dr. Wright’s presence is felt at special community events. Holiday parades, fairs and festivals are great places for exposure. There are especially good places to get young people involved — give them balloons, buttons and literature to distribute.
  • Distribute literature on election day.

Can’t Volunteer?

Want to help but don’t have time to volunteer? Our campaign needs financial support as well.