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We believe we need a change. Our incumbent is a career politician whose polices do not promote and protect America. Frankly many of his policies are dangerous and many others just hand our problems down to the next generation. Please see the difference between Wright vs Lieu below.

What’s the Difference: Wright vs Lieu (Incumbent)

Protect America from radical Islamic Terrorism

Dr. Wright
Supports increased background checks of Syrians and Iraqis coming to America and only accept those that can be thoroughly vetted. We should not take on masses of refugees as they can’t be toughly vetted. Islamic terrorists embedded within the refugees were responsible for the terror attacks in Belgium, France and Turkey.
A better plan:

  • With European and English funding use the UN to set up safe camps in the Middle East to house and protect the refugees.
  • With international cooperation end the Syrian civil war by joining Russia to support the Syrian leader Assad. Toppling Middle Eastern leaders has only created chaos. Once the civil war is over, refugees can return home where they want to be and belong.

Supports bringing masses (over 200,000) of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to America

  • Signed a letter sent to President Obama urging that at least 200,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees come to America this year.
  • Voted Nay on American Security against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act that that expands background checks of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the US.

Stop Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

Dr. Wright
Will vote to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capability. Iran has not shown good faith and has already violated the Iranian agreement. Israel and our other allies in the Middle East need and want our support to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.

Voted Nay on 3 Acts to stop or delay the Iranian nuclear deal and only one token yes vote to stop the Iranian deal.

  • Nay on Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act – prohibits sanctions on Iran from being lifted until Iran pays court-ruled fines for judgments related to terrorism.
  • Nay on resolution that alleges that the President has not transmitted the Iran nuclear agreement to the appropriate Congressional committees
  • Nay on bill that prohibits the president from reducing certain sanctions on Iran until January 21, 2017

Improve Veteran’s Health Care

Dr. Wright
Supports improving the efficiency of Veterans Health Care System and would vote yes on VA Accountability Act 2015. Providing housing and rehabilitation of our homeless veterans has to be priority one.

  • Make VA federal employees accountable for their performance and conduct

Voted Nay on Veterans Accountability Act 2015 that allows the Removal or demotion of a department employee based on performance or misconduct.

Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)

Dr. Wright
All Americans should have health care, but Obamacare has resulted in much higher premiums, and deductibles, while providing less patient care. It is a governmental insurance monopoly. It is also destroying the medical profession with doctor’s reimbursement is less than 1/10 of what it was 20 years ago. Now many young doctors struggle to pay their student loans, and senior doctors are retiring early. I would remove and then replace Obamacare. We need to promote insurance company competition and establish personal tax-free health savings accounts. The IRS should not be in the health care business. It is telling that Congress and the White House made themselves exempt from Obamacare. One aspect I would support that is the coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Supports Obamacare as is no changes. He voted Nay on the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015, a fair bill to revise Obamacare.

Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Dr. Wright
We must secure the border first and foremost. Illegal immigrants that have been in the United States for a long time will have a window to register for legal residence. If they want citizenship, they must get in line with other immigrants and earn citizenship. Sanctuary Cities violate the rule of law and harbor illegal immigrants and must be stopped.

Does not support securing the border and does not even mention the importance of a secure border on his website. He supports and protects Sanctuary Cities.

  • Voted Nay on the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act.

Domestic Crime

Dr. Wright
Supports fair law enforcement to protect the citizens. Supports the money bail system of the courts with the Judge having the power and discretion on posting bail. The Judge should make the decision if and how much bail should be posted. Money bail is important to ensure an arrested person will return to appear in court.

Introduces the “No Money Bail Act of 2016” which eliminates the need to post bail. If this bill is passed criminals can get out of jail and there is no way to ensure they will return. Judges now have the power to set the appropriate bail depending on flight risk and wealth of the arrested party. This bill if passed will weaken our criminal court system putting our citizens in danger.

Crisis in Our Inner Cities

Dr. Wright
Poverty, crime, and violence plague our inner cities. Our leaders have used a Band-Aid approach giving small handouts, food stamps, and strong-arm police tactics. These methods have only made things worse causing dependence and removing personal dignity. Instead, it is time for a new approach to giving a hand up by providing education and opportunity. Let’s try the Homeboys Industry model of vocational training, and counseling to build dignity and trust. Early child intervention is key to stopping the vicious cycle of violence and poverty.

Website void of policy. He seems to have no plan on how to improve the conditions of the inner city.